New Year’s Resolution: Save Money with a VitalRide Ambulance Membership

Vital Ride, Vitalride, VitalRide Ambulance MembershipMany of us at Ada County Paramedics started off the new year with a resolution—and what better resolution is there than to be more conscientious with our money?

Whether you want to save money, get out of debt or spend less money, Ada County Paramedics has a program called VitalRide that can help you do just that. Many of our VitalRide members have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, all while contributing to their community at the same time!

The  concept of the VitalRide Ambualnce Membership is simple: Purchase a membership (which will cover your AND your family) and if you ever require emergency transport to the hospital, after your insurance kicks in, we’ll waive your bill. No insurance? No problem… you’ll owe just $100.


This is HUGE considering ambulance transport can easily cost $1,500 or MORE.

Ada County Paramedics currently offers three levels of VitalRide memberships:

One Year- $60

Five Year- $240  (this is a special value—five years for the price of 4!)

Lifetime- $1,000


Each level covers your whole household and your membership dues help us fund community outreach programs like CPR, First Aid and other life-saving courses.

Stick to your new year’s resolution! Enroll in a VitalRide Ambualance Membership today!

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