Remembering Safety this Gift-Giving Season

By: Ada County ParamedicsIMG_0422

For many, the month of December means family gatherings, delectable home cooked meals and giving gifts to show one another you care. But what you may not know is in 2010 alone the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported more than a quarter-million toy-related injuries occurred that landed children in the hospital.

Today, December has been dubbed “National Safe Toys and Gifts Month” in an effort to protect children and remind gift buyers to make smart and safe shopping decisions.

Below are a few tips Ada County Paramedics encourages you to heed this month (and every month) when you’re out shopping for your loved ones.

  • Avoid giving gifts with magnets or small batteries. If ingested, both can be fatal.
  • Be thoughtful when it comes to toy size. If it can fit inside a toilet paper roll, it could be a choking hazard and shouldn’t be given to young children.
  • Don’t purchase toys with long strings or cords, as they can become entangled around a child’s neck.
  • Do your research! Find out which items have been recalled.
  • If you’re stumped, or don’t know what to give to the person “who has everything,” give the gift of peace of mind with an Ada County Paramedics VitalRide Ambulance Membership. One membership covers the whole household and only costs $60. If you need our services in Ada County, call 911 and we’ll waive your bill.* Easy!

Remember these few tips and you’ll be prepared for a safe and festive holiday season this year!

*Once your insurance pays $100 towards your bill, we waive the remaining balance. If you do not have insurance, Ada County Paramedics will bill you no more than $100 per incident.

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