Ada County Paramedics Employees Donate to KTVB Food Drive

By: Ada County Paramedics

The employees of Ada County Paramedics believe it’s important to contribute to our community in more ways than just providing excellent pre-hospital healthcare. That’s one of the reasons we formed the Ada County Paramedics Association. The Association is composed of employees who donate a portion of their paychecks to a fund. Having this fund allows us to donate to those in need and give back to our community in other ways.

On December 13th, a group of Ada County Paramedics employees headed to a local grocery store and filled a cart with as much food as it would hold.


IMG_1310We purchased everything from oatmeal and spaghetti, to tuna fish, rice and chili!

IMG_1313After checking out, we loaded all the food on to our ambulance gurney and headed to the KTVB Cares food drive.



IMG_1332At the KTVB food drive we pulled up our ambulance and began unloading the food.

KTVB_Cares3Then, we were met by a special friend who wanted to take the gurney for a spin.

KTVB_Cares1We can’t wait to participate in the KTVB Cares event again next year! Happy holidays from Ada County Paramedics.

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