New Year, New You: Top 3 Healthiest New Year’s Resolutions

By: Ada County Paramedics


If you’re like most people, after all your jingle bells are put away or your menorah is retired to the basement for another year, you’re probably starting to think of a New Year’s resolution. But while some folks keep their New Year commitment, even more end up dropping them like a hot Idaho potato after just a few weeks.

Part of the reason so many New Year’s resolutions fail is because we tend dive in headfirst and burn ourselves out instead of taking baby steps to reach our new goal. Ada County Paramedics wants you to start off 2015 with a bang and end it with a healthier you. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of 3 EASY things you can do this new year to dip your toe in the pool of safer and healthier living:

  1. Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight, ease yourself into it. Severely limiting calories and crash dieting will do you about as good as stocking your fridge with only veggies and then calling Domino’s for a double-deluxe delivery (hold the anchovies). Realistically, slinking into your weight-loss resolution could be as simple as swapping out whole milk for a lighter version (like skim or almond milk) or resolving to go “meatless” one day a week. While it may not make your mouth water, it’s better than buying a bigger pair of pants, or more seriously, undergoing open-heart surgery.

  1. Stress Reduction

Have indigestion, headaches, rashes, or maybe constant pangs of anxiety? That could be your stress lashing out at you for foregoing a good night’s sleep so you can clock some overtime. Believe it or not, stress can do real damage to your overall health. So if your resolution is to reduce the stress in your life, take that vacation you’ve been putting off, allow yourself to sleep in on the weekends, or spend time doing something you enjoy (and if that’s a bubble bath, more props to you.)

  1. Protect Your Health & Your Pocketbook

Protect your pocketbook and your whole family with an Ada County Paramedics VitalRide Ambulance Membership. Did you know Ada County Paramedics responded to over 23,000 911 calls last year alone? Did you also know your insurance may not cover your ambulance bill (which can be upwards of $1,500?) Visit the Ada County Paramedics website to enroll in a membership for just $60 annually. Not only does one membership cover your whole household, but the membership dues allow us to contribute directly back to our community through public education and health-awareness events.

Start 2015 off with a small list of feasible “resolutions” and you’ll be on the road to a better, healthier, you in no time. Happy New Year from Ada County Paramedics!

One thought on “New Year, New You: Top 3 Healthiest New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Hi C,

    Thank you for your comment. We appreciate the feedback. Our goal for the Vital Ride radio ad is to help increase awareness about the costs associated with emergencies and to help people afford the best health care available. Our marketing department will take your suggestion into consideration the next time we create a radio campaign. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.
    -Ada County Paramedics

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