Ada County Paramedics Celebrate First Pastries with Paramedics Event

IMG_1198Ada County Paramedics wrapped up Emergency Medical Services Week (May 21-27) with its inaugural “Pastries with Paramedics” event Friday, May 26 at Janjou Patisserie in Boise. The organization invited former patients and the community as a whole to “mingle with medics” in a relaxed, non-emergent setting over pastries and coffee.

Ada County Paramedics Public Information Officer Hadley Mayes said Ada County citizens’ primary interactions with first responders occur due to catastrophic health or life events.

“As first responders, we primarily interact with our community during the worst day of their life – when they’re enduring something traumatic after placing a 911 call,” Mayes said. “Ada County Paramedics wanted to provide the public with a chance to interact with us in a casual, open house setting where we can answer questions about our organization and meet more of the people we serve.”

IMG_1190 The owner of Janjou Patisserie, Moshit Mizrachi-Gabbitas, said she offered up Janjou Patisserie as the event venue to help bring awareness to everything Ada County Paramedics does for its community.

“I am [hosting this event] because I feel it is important for the community to be familiar with the first responders,” Moshit said. “They are people who will be there for you when you need them most.”

Ada County Paramedics plans to hold this event each year during Emergency Medical Services Week.

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