Saving Lives with a Phone App- Yes, Really

PulsePoint.pngImagine you’re shopping at the Village in Meridian or the Boise Town Square and a woman in the store next to you suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. You have no way of knowing this happened until you see two Ada County Paramedics feverishly pushing a gurney into the store.

Since you know how to do CPR, you would have helped this woman if you only knew she needed help—especially since you were only a few feet away.


Enter PulsePoint—a smartphone application that will notify you of just that.

PulsePoint is a 911-integrated app that alerts those with CPR training if a cardiac arrest is occurring near them in a public location. PulsePoint interfaces with the computer automated, 911 dispatch system (TriTech) and also shows users where the nearest AED device is located. This new app integration gives our community a new and very meaningful way to assist in emergency situations.

The Ada County-City Emergency Services System (ACCESS), which is composed of 7 public safety agencies in and around Ada County, purchased PulsePoint in early 2017 with funds from the Boise Fire Department. Through collaborative work, the ACCESS group on-boarded the 911-integrated app and is adding this new tool, bystander civilians, to its life-saving tool kit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.26.42 AM.png

The app, which is live in our community as of March 31, 2017, is free and works in both IOS and Android systems. Once downloaded, it’s simple to set up. PulsePoint allows the app users to see active 911 calls as they’re happening in the ACCESS 911 system, while keeping information generalized enough so private patient information is protected. PulsePoint only notifies CPR-trained civilians when 911 calls occur in public areas and will not send them to residential cardiac arrest calls.

We’ve all likely wondered, at one time or another, if there was a way we could be notified if a neighbor or friend needed help. With PulsePoint, we now have the ability to receive notifications if a cardiac arrest occurs anywhere near us. This app will save lives by helping initiate CPR until first responders arrive on scene.

ACCESS is now rolling PulsePoint out to the public to inspire CPR-trained civilians (as well a providers) to download the app. PulsePoint has been successfully implemented across the country and is improving overall survival of cardiac arrest victims. Learn how to download PulsePoint and start helping us save lives today!


Remember Yourself During National Emotional Wellness Month

By: Ada County ParamedicsAda County Paramedics

When life gets busy, and let’s admit it’s pretty much always is, we sometimes neglect ourselves in the process. This can be by way of unhealthy eating, (Big Macs are on the food pyramid somewhere, right?) not getting enough sleep, or neglecting our emotional wellness. Now before I lose you on the last one, let’s explore what emotional wellness is.

According to the American Psychological Association website “Stress can take a toll on our physical health… by understanding how stress impacts our health and what steps we can take to stay emotionally balanced, we can lay the foundation of complete wellness.” Emotional wellness is essentially, being in tune with your thoughts and feelings and exploring, rather than becoming stressed or frustrated by them.

In honor of October’s “National Emotional Wellness Month,” Ada County Paramedics drafted a short quiz to help you evaluate your own emotional wellness. Simply answer yes or no.

  1. Am I able to balance work, family, friends and other obligations?
  2. Is there something I can I do to decrease stress in my life?
  3. Am I able to make decisions without feeling stress and worrying too much about the outcome?
  4. Am I able to easily set my daily priorities?

If you answered “no” to any of the above—this may indicate a part of your life you need to reflect on to ensure your emotional wellness is in check. So take some time today and consider how your thoughts, actions and day-to-day stresses may be affecting your emotional wellness. After all, you only have one “you.” Make it the best, healthiest “you” possible.


If you begin feeling higher levels of stress or anxiety call the local Mobile Crisis Unit in Ada, Boise and Elmore County areas, at 334-0808, or 1-800-424-0292. The Mobile Crisis hotline is open 24/7 and can assist with anything from getting a doctor appointment scheduled, to helping with issues like self-harm. If you feel like you may be in immediate danger, please call 911.

Today is EMS for Children Day!

What’s the difference between a child and an adult in an emergency situation? A lot more than you’d think! And during Emergency Medical Services Week, Ada County Paramedics is celebrating the mission of Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC.)

ImageEMSC is a program that raises awareness surrounding how much differently children respond to illnesses and injuries than adults– and that specialized pediatric care is necessary. EMSC also strives to improve initiatives and projects that help ensure the entire spectrum of EMS, from prevention of illness and injury to acute care and rehabilitation, is available no matter where the child or adolescent may live.

The overall mission of EMSC is to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity caused by severe illness or trauma. EMS for Children focuses on ensuring top-of-the-line emergency medical care and state-of-the-art medical resources are available to ill and injured children.

Each year the federal EMSC Program, along with the American College of Emergency Physician’s celebrate EMS Week. For the past 12 years, during this week-long celebration, EMS for Children Day has been honored on Wednesday during EMS Week. The purpose of this day is to continue to raise awareness about the need to improve and expand specialized care for children in the pre-hospital and acute care settings.


This year Ada County Paramedics will celebrate this special day by interacting with children and their parents at Wahooz Fun Zone. Ada County Paramedics will have an ambulance available for kids to tour from 5:00 – 8:00 pm on May 21, 2014 and we’ll also be handing out safety information, band aids and holding a contest for a first aid kit! Wahooz is also offering discounted admission to all local first responders with a badge or ID throughout EMS Week.

At Ada County Paramedics, we’re well equipped to provide the highest level of healthcare available to our pediatric population. Our ambulances are stocked with pediatric-sized equipment and have means to transport all patients safely including infant safety restraints that attach to the gurneys and built-in car seats. Image

Ada County Paramedics has long celebrated pediatric health and education. Our paramedics habitually visit local schools to teach children about first aid safety and what it’s like to work as a paramedic. We also donate time and employee-pooled resources to local causes like the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, as well as hold annual toy drives to benefit children who are hospitalized during the holidays. We invite you to celebrate EMS For Children Day with us today and every day! We’re in it for Life!


Ada County Paramedics Participate in “Emergency Medical Services Week”

For Immediate Release


Ada County Paramedics to Honor First Responders During “Emergency Medical Services Week”


As a thank you and a means to recognize the work of first responders everywhere, Ada County Paramedics will celebrate Emergency Medical Services Week, or “EMS Week” the week of May 18.

The first EMS Week was authorized by Congress in 1973 and today, is still recognized each year in May. Ada County Paramedics takes this week to publicly thank first responder teams and to celebrate the important, life-saving work they do.

“We’re excited to celebrate this year’s EMS Week and recognize the upstanding men and women at Ada County Paramedics, and everywhere, who have made it their lives’ work to help others,” Ada County Paramedics Director Darby Weston said.

Ada County residents rely on paramedics and EMTs to aid them in scary and often life-threatening situations on a daily basis. The community takes comfort knowing that the skilled paramedics and EMTs at Ada County Paramedics are prepared to treat injuries, stabilize heart conditions and tend to illnesses and other unexpected emergencies.

Ada County Paramedics will be kicking off EMS Week on Monday May 19th and festivities will continue throughout the week.

  • Monday May 19th Friday May 23rd– In partnership for EMS Week, Wahooz Family Fun Zone is promoting “EMS Adventure Week” all week long. With proof of employment, all local first responders can enjoy discounted laser tag, mini golf, bumper boats, Kiddie Cove and receive a $5 pre-loaded game card.
  • Monday, May 19th – Ada County Paramedics employees will host a celebration at Big Al’s for employees and their families from 2:00 – 6:00 pm.
  • Tuesday, May 20th– Saint Alphonsus will host an EMS Appreciation BBQ at their Nampa location beginning at 11:00 am.
  • Wednesday, May 21st– Ada County Paramedics will celebrate National EMS Day for Children at Wahooz with discounted tickets from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. The public is invited to a meet and greet with Ada County Paramedics, participate in free ambulance tours and meet Maxewell Moose!
  • Thursday, May 22nd St. Luke’s Hospital downtown will host the annual EMS Celebration Breakfast beginning at 8:00 am, recognizing local EMS “heroes,” and everyday civilian “heroes.” At 4:00 pm Ada County Paramedics will host a first responder BBQ at Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

For more information, visit or call (208) 287-2962. You can also like Ada County Paramedics on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter at



Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones with Vital Ride


In the event you’ve not yet heard about Ada County Paramedics Vital Ride Ambulance Memberships—here’s a brief overview about how it works, why we created it, and why it’s important you and your loved ones are enrolled.

  • Over 23,000 people called 911 in Ada County last year.
  • The average ambulance bill can cost $1,500 or more.
  • We created Vital Ride—a membership program where you pay just $60 a year and your pocketbook is protected in the event you call 911.
  • Vital Ride is a household membership—which means one membership covers all your loved ones.
  • We also offer a 5-year membership for the price of 4 years!


Ultimately, Vital Ride provides peace of mind—in knowing that if you or your loved one ever has a medical emergency, you can reach for the phone, call 911 and not worry about financial implications. Vital Ride can help save you money.


Learn more about Vital Ride today and give the gift of membership to those you love most.

For more information about Ada County Paramedics, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and visit us on the web!